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Lake Tahoe Mountain Bike Season Begins!

May 22, 2016

The time has come to dust off those thighs, mountain bike, and shoes, and prepare for what is to be an epic riding season in sunny Lake Tahoe, CA! Tahoe Mountain Guides has been busy improving trails, improving our mtb offerings to you, and improving our coaching skills… all in an effort to give our enthusiastic mountain bikers the experience of a lifetime.

mtb through mulesear

New to the Manzanita MTB Tour this season, the package will now include a full-suspension mountain bike demo. This in our introductory mountain bike tour. Total cost is $104 for single riders, or $94 for groups of four or more.

If you are in intermediate to advanced rider, the High Country MTB Tour is what you are looking for! This tour is designed for riders looking for more time in the saddle. If you need to demo a full-suspension mountain bike, the cost is $65. Bike demo’s come in all sizes and brands from: Rocky Mountain, Norco, Ibis, and Santa Cruz.

Parents, you want your kid’s to learn how to mountain bike, or improve their mtb riding ability level? TMG offers the most fundamental mountain bike skills camp for your child, all in a fun atmosphere. Camps range from beginner, intermediate to advanced. Cost is $300 for a three days session. Learn more at Mountain Bike Summer Camp, and have your child become part of the Sierra Switchbacks!

For Women, By Women. Tahoe Mountain Guides Bike Blossom, all women’s MTB Camp will enhance your riding and focus on: braking, body position, shifting, cornering, and obstacles. There are six sessions, all on Friday afternoon, beginning June 3rd. Cost is $50 for a single session, or $250 for all six. BONUS! A seventh day will be added for a ride to the infamous Downieville downhill. Cost is $175 and will include transportation.

As always, TMG is looking forward to fun  mountain bike season with you, and we looking forward to sharing our knowledge of the Truckee, CA Lake Tahoe mountain bike trails not found on any map. Explore our backyard with the most knowledgeable mountain bike guides, and a post beverage with smiles and storied.

Happy Trails.

Tahoe Mountain Guides

Mountain Bike Tours to Test Your Skill and Stamina

June 29, 2015

Our ride started early to combat today’s heat. Only a high of 80 degrees expected, but we are at elevation, and feel every degree. So the crisp start was welcomed to the morning uphill warm-up to the top of Western States Trail. After a forty- minute climb we reached the top of the U.S.S. Wallternate. This is a great way to bypass the Wall and proceed to a plethora of trails.

Western States Trail

We knew our destination in advance, and continued our morning climb to Painted Rock. A few of the switchbacks were a little washed out, but nothing to worry about. Our big concern were the dirt bike tracks we noticed on the trail. This section of the tour is on the infamous Tahoe Rim Trail, and needless to say, no dirt bikes should ever be on this trail. There are plenty of trails in Tahoe for dirt bikes.

We descended Painted Rock, crossed the Fiberboard Freeway, and continued on the Tahoe Rim Trail, and again, coming to the Fiberboard. A short climb up the Fiberboard brought us to our next trail, OTB (Over the Bars) if you weren’t sure what that meant. OTB is a fun, predominantly downhill single track leading to the Tevis Cup Trail. Once again, we saw dirt bike tracks.

Come oTahoe Mountain Guides: MTB Tours, MTB Guides, Shuttlesn! Signs along the trails show no dirt bikes. Please respect posted signs. Regardless, the trail was fun, but washed out in a few sections due to dirt bike traffic.

When we reached the Tevis Cup Trail, a discussion was had on where to proceed. Our trails system is vast and offers so many choices. Do we go left and end up at the bottom of the Wall and down Western States Trail? Or, do we go right and a short climb to blast down Deer Creek? The group was varied, so our mtb guides divided the group and conquered trails to the left and right. This was a good day for all riders, and when we reached the shuttle, the only sound heard were smiles, and the clinking of post mountain bike ride beverages.

Tahoe Mountain Guides operates under special use permit by the US Forest Service, Lake Tahoe Division. Tahoe Mountain Guides (TMG) is the only fully permitted, licensed and insured mountain bike outfitter in the Lake Tahoe and Truckee area.

Truckee Trails Volunteer Day

May 17, 2015

Stay out of each other’s blood bubble, was one of the recommendations for the day provided by Truckee Trails leader, Kevin Starr.  Working on the Sawtooth Trail, a prominent mountain biking trail for Tahoe Mountain Guides (TMG), our group of over 20 volunteers dug drainage ditches and cleared menacing brush equipped with a solid quiver of hand tools, a complete demonstration from our leader, and much deserved burritos after a job well done.


Owner of Tahoe Mountain Guides (TMG), Ken Long and several volunteers dutifully listen to instructions for the day.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 Kevin Starr shows us the proper way to carry and use the tools.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 When volunteering under the umbrella of the National Forest, hard hats are a mandatory element of the uniform.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 Ken lets us know burritos will be served trailside for those who work hard.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

Checklists, diagrams, and standard operating procedures manuals were also provided for those who learn best through reading.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 The proper way to dig a drainage ‘spoon’, demonstrated by Kevin Starr.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 Kevin was kind enough to preflag all the problem areas to be worked.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 Working with tools is serious business.  Seriously, one can loose an eye or a finger with those things.  Therefore, Kevin tells us to “stay out of each other’s blood bubble,” which basically meant to give one another at least 4 feet of space when working.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 Work it.  Just like this.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 Breaking into strategic teams based on tool type, we learn about the other people in our little Truckee/Tahoe community.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 Watching Kevin’s demonstration.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

Koda, with his (I think it was a boy dog) Forest Service bandana, was a huge help by clearing sticks off the trail.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 Tahoe Mountain Guides best, Zach Fenn keeping it light and fun, as always, in the woods.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 What a beautiful Sawtooth Trail!

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 Taking a break in the best place in the world, the woods!

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 Displays of teamwork was going on all over the place.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 A true Truckee Trails volunteer.  Thank you for organizing such a great event.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 The Sawtooth Trail has many great views to the west and of Castle Peak (clearly not pictured here).

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 Getting rid of those tree snags.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 Another TMG guide, Alex Aparicio is seen here giving back to the trail which serves him oh so well over the summer.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 Clearing the brush from the drainage spoon.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

The McLeod, pronounced mc-cloud, is a popular tool amongst mountain bike trail builders.

 Tahoe Mountain Guides and Truckee Trails Volunteer Trail Day

 Raking away the duff and pulling out the debris from the drainage spoons, volunteers made easy work of their trail maintenance day.

A great big THANK YOU to Truckee Trails Foundation, Tahoe Mountain Guides, Cyclepaths, and the Tahoe Sports Hub for helping make our Sawtooth Trail that much more awesome!

Rocky Mountain Bicycles Demo Tour

July 30, 2014


They’re back! 2014 Rocky Mountain Bicycles will be available for demo August 8 & 9th.

Where: Be at the Sawtooth Trail

FRIDAY August 8th – Rocky Mountain Demo & Super D Shuttle – with Tahoe Mountain Guides

  • First come first serve.
  • Demo 2014 Rocky Mountain Bikes on the Tahoe Truckee Super D.
  • Meet at Sawtooth Trail head and we will shuttle riders to the Tahoe Truckee Super D.
  • Must register 48 hours in advance to reserve bike and space on the shuttle. Bikes and sizes listed below.
  • Contact TMG to reserve the bike & size you would like to demo. (530)686-5895
  • After contacting TMG, reserve your Super D Shuttle online for August 8th only. No payments will be accepted day of Demo.
  • Chose either the 10am or noon shuttle online (can only do one shuttle).
  • Please be at the trail head half-hour before shuttle departure.
  • $20 gets you – Demo, Shuttle, Guide & after Tahoe Truckee Super D beverages.

SATURDAY August 9th – Rocky Mountain Demo bikes available from 10am to 2pm

  • All Rocky Mountain Demo’s are FREE.
  • Demo bike on loop in Sawtooth.
  • Must have valid drivers license and credit card to demo bike.

Rocky Mountain Demo Bikes Available:

Rocky Mountain Instinct 970 MSL – Size: M, L, XL


Rocky Mountain Instinct 970 BC Edition – Size: L


Rocky Mountain Altitude 770 MSL – Size: S, M, L, XL


Rocky Mountain Altitude Rally – Size: M


Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt – Size: S, M, L, XL


Rocky Mountain Element 970 RSL – Size: S, M, L, XL



Tahoe Mountain Guides – Mtb Guides – Tours – Shuttles

July 2, 2014

What, it’s already July!? We’ve been so busy with mountain bike tours we have not had a moment to to say “hello” to all our mtb fans. So, where to begin: TMG is off to an amazing start with many new options for our riding enthusiasts. As you may, or may not know, Tahoe Mountain Guides offers mountain bike tours for introductory mtb riders, advanced, and those mtb’ers who can tackle the most technical single track Lake Tahoe and Truckee can throw at you.

What’s new for 2014: Due to popular demand, Tahoe Mountain Guides now offers tours on the infamous Lake Tahoe Flume Trail. With breathtaking views of Big Blue, our expert guides will keep you on the trail as you gaze in amazement and awe. The Lake Tahoe Flume Trail is not for the beginner mountain biker. Visit Tahoe Mountain Guides to book this tour.

Need a three-day get-a-way? Join Tahoe Mountain Guides on a 3 Day Mountain Bike Tour – Enjoy 3 days of mtb’ing in the Truckee Tahoe area, and come back to a relaxing retreat at the Donner Lake Inn Bed & Breakfast nestled on Donner Lake. Tahoe Mountain Guides will take care of all the details, from transportation, to food and every thing in between. For more information or to book your 3 day mountain bike tour, click here.

Not new but bigger and better, TMG Shuttles are running 3 times a day. Jump on our mtb shuttle at: 10:00 am, 12:00 pm or 2:00 pm. Tahoe Mountain Guides shuttle will take you to our Tahoe Truckee Super D. The ride begins at Watson Lake and will bring you back to our shop in Downtown Truckee.  Shuttle cost $20 per person for the first ride, and $10 for a second shuttle on the same day. Book a mtb Shuttle today!

Tahoe Mountain Guides looks forward to showing you the trails in our backyard and hope for an amazing mountain bike summer season for all. Now, back to the trail!


Tahoe Mountain Guides | Snowshoe Tours

December 21, 2013

From summers single-trail mountain bike trails to a winters blanketed white snow shoe trail, Tahoe Mountain Guides encompasses all seasons in beautiful Lake Tahoe.  And we enjoy every moment!  What a better way to spend a winters day; getting off the crowded ski slopes and enjoying natural uninterrupted fields of snow.  The only sound you will hear is the squeaky snow underfoot, your breath and a trail guides knowledge of your surroundings.

Tahoe Mountain Guides Snowshoe Tours

Snow shoe tours are designed to give you a gentle aerobic workout.  TMG offers terrain for the first time snow shoe enthusiast and families.   Nothing strenuous about our tours!  However, if you would like something more challenging, we have those trails, too.  Each tour includes: snow shoes, poles, organic trail snacks and warm beverages.  You should have warm shoes, a beanie, a warm jacket (and fleece layer) and gloves.  TMG will provide the rest.

If you have questions or would like to book a snowshoe tour, visit our website or email Tahoe Mountain Guides.

Tahoe Mountain Guides: One Season Ends; Another Begins.

November 27, 2013

Really?  That was fast!  Hard to believe summer 2013 has come and gone.  In our third season of operation, we were greeted with numerous mtb tours, beginner to super advanced excursions, and all ending with high fives, maybe a beer or two and dirt crusted smiles.  Now winter is upon and Tahoe Mountain Guides is making way for another season of snow shoe adventures.  But, before we get cozy for winter 2013/2014, let’s reminiscence to the many mountain bike adventures had with new and old friends.  Let’s remember our accomplishments and new trails conquered; a new sport you tried and succeeded… and booking another tour for next season!  So, thank you to TMG’s many mountain bikers, return clients and tours to come.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As we always say, “the ride is about the client, not the guide.”  This has been our mantra since the first tour and holds true to this day.  We love to mtb, but we want you to love mtb’ing as much as us.  So, we will not be a parent or demanding coach, just a friend enjoying the scenery Tahoe/Truckee has to offer.  We are there to give you suggestions to enhance your skill level, but most importantly, for you to have as much fun as we are having.  That is why we do what we do.  These same ideals carry over to TMG’s snow shoe adventures.  Just you, nature, a fresh blanket of snow, and some know it all guide who keeps telling you facts and history of the Truckee, Tahoe area.  Yeah, we love where we live!

Tahoe Mountain Guides  Full moon snow shoe tour dates are available on our website.  If you would like to book a snow shoe tour for another date, just call, text, email, smoke signal… we can accommodate your needs and customize a snow shoe tour for any occasion and ability.  TMG will provide snow shoes, poles and a warm beverage and some of the most amazing scenery our winter wonderland has to offer.